A Clean Car Says A Lot About You®


 Autobell Car wash has agreed to let us hold a ‘virtual car wash.’ What’s that mean? Well, you buy a $15.99 full service car wash voucher redeemable at ANY Autobell Location with NO expiration date and we get 50% of the proceeds. All you have to do is buy a voucher through the Pride Productions website and we will mail you your voucher(s) in fewer than 5 business days. 

This is a great deal on a high quality car wash and proceeds benefit Pride Productions. Thank you in advance for your support. 

Here’s what’s included in a Full Service Car wash:
Interior vacuum of carpets and seats
Exterior wash including wheels
Dash, door panel, and console wiped down
Interior window cleaning
Hand-dry by Autobell staff.

April 18th final day of the sale
Purchase NOW via Paypa

If you were referred by a specific student, p
lease be sure to
enter their first and last name
 on order.